Posted by: theoldmanandthed | July 13, 2012

An injury has occured

My ride this morning was fantastic.  The rain from last night cooled things off a little and the temperature was easier to endure.  Funny how we always complain about the weather..are we never satisfied?  

Anyway, 20 or so miles into my ride I noticed this discomfort (which was more than just discomfort, but I am trying to be tactful here) on my left chest.  Ok, it was actually my nipple (can I say that word online?)  I have never experienced that sensation in all my years of earthly existence and it was PAINFULL, with two Ls.  I apparently shifted the position of my top somehow and it had been rubbing on my left nip.  But being the trooper that I am, I continued my ride and finished out my 26.5 mile ride.  I did zip up my top all the way and that seemed to help so no blood stains this time around.  I had visions of corrective surgery, rehab stint, and a lot of attention but it is not to be. I will be good for another day.

And Holy Shivwits!  If you ride that hill, downshift BEFORE you start the steep part (which I would estimate to be at least 35% grade).  Again, I clenched my teeth, used my few muscles and made it up with only 4 swithbacks on the 15 foot wide road.  Now that innovation!  I learned that trick in my youth and it came back to serve me well today.

Great day and tomorrow I get to ride with my honey.  She chooses the route and I’ll bet she picks a challenging ride.  Of course, for me that is a given as every ride is a challenge, but not nearly as much as it was 4 months ago.  Life is good and only gets better, and Saturday we have a date in LV to learn how to maintain our bikes and become the fastest flat fixers in these parts.

Posted by: theoldmanandthed | July 7, 2012

Must be time to post an entry

Here it is July already and I have been challenged by my sweet wife to be more regular in my postings on our journey to Ragbrai.  The month has started out well in the activity department, having completed 4 rides in 7 days.  To those that are more seasoned and fit riders than me, 4 rides for a total of 91 miles isn’t much, but to this older and gentler gentleman, I am very satisfied with my efforts.

Of course, I am not doing this alone and my riding partner- my wife, best friend and most supportive cheerleader-has been alongside me on our journeys this month.  We have actually climbed some hills and in the process I have found that my fitness level is increasing quite a bit.  My weight is still going down and I am feeling like this is truly an enjoyable way to spend time.

I spent a few minutes yesterday checking out the Ragbrai site and found that I am still far from being ready to ride 500+ miles in 7 days, but it doesn’t make me not want to do it.  In fact it makes me more determined to make it happen.  I’m not sure of her feelings because she is so silent and non talkative, but I think Deb thinks it is a great thing also.

And get this.  I am setting a goal to ride 62 miles on my 62nd birthday this year.  The cool thing is that we will be in Hawaii with Betsy, Stewart and Jonah, so I think it will be totally doable. Dude!  Deb says she will only go as far as she is old, so I’ll have to do the last 23 miles solo.  What do you think?Image

Anyway, life is wonderful and fantastically enjoyable and I owe it all to Deb who has continued to support me as I journey along this road of experiences called life.  I love you babe.

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Will Shaming Work?

Hills of Iowa

So, I have been after my sweet hubby to update the blog…to tell of the strength and stamina he has gained, the pounds he’s lost and the list he is already making. My latest manipulation is shaming him into writing by doing a post myself (you see I built this backdoor into his blog site by telling him we should both be able to post). He is a much better writer than me. Even if he is a little, okay a lot, more corny than me. Being as he is a detail man, he has already begun making alist of the things we will need for our trip to Iowa in 2014. RAGBRAI really is like a giant carrot, motivating us to get out on longer and stronger rides. We have looked at pictures of the event on the web and talk about it often. Who says you can’t keep making deeper connections in an already perfect relationship. The STRAVA app on our phones makes riding even more fun as we can see maps of our rides and keep details of our mileage, elevation gain and time in the saddle. So far we are off to a marvelous start. Stay tuned…perhaps soon you will soon hear from the “other rider” of this dynamic duo. Check out our ride today.

Posted by: theoldmanandthed | May 5, 2012

So we begin

Deb has been very patient in trying to get her husband (who loves her very much) to start a blog and share some of his photos with those in the ethernet universe.  So she described the process of starting a blog and how to set it up and says we will have shared input into the posting of said blogs.  We will see how it goes.

Part of the incentive for this blog is to reinforce our goal of participating in RAGBRAI (internetphobes may look it up) in the summer of 2014.  It as a bike trip across the state of Iowa from west to east.  Starting at the Missouri River and ending at the Mississippi River 7 days later.  The route is changed every year but always goes westward.  Having never done anything remotely similar, this is an adventure that will surely cause an unusual ripple in my physical routine.  We have secured two hybrid road bikes and are in the process of riding them during the week and trying to build up stamina, energy and endurance for a 600+ miles trip in July 2014.  Most of what I just said about training applies to one person only and it is so difficult to guess that I will tell you who…Mikee!  So during the next 27 months, some of what we talk about will concern our efforts to prepare ourselves (myself) for our unusual week.

We will also be adding in photos of  journeys, local and distant, that we enjoy and are a large part of our enjoyment of life and each other’s company.  I will try to attach some photos to the page and see how it works out.  Another large part of our happiness is our family, near and far, so we will chronicle our visits to their locales and relate our joy in being with our loved ones.

As an example, we were able to watch Addy participate in her first dance recital and she was beautiful to behold.  The performance lacked the polish of a more seasoned performer, but those of us in the know that the future holds many great concerts and encores.